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Throughout each stage of this project, we have had a great group of dedicated volunteers spanning many areas of expertise from architectural design to fundraising to graphic design.  The project is being led by Port Washington Main Street as well as a specialized Heart of the Harbor Committee.  


For any questions, comments, or inquiries as to how you can get involved, please submit a message below or reach out directly to the President of Port Washington Main Street, Nate Scherper.


Nate Scherper



Below is a full list of our dedicated volunteers. 

Port Washington Main Street Board Members

Nate Scherper - President

Kelly Brown - Vice President

Cathy Hanson - Secretary

BreAnna Porth - Treasurer

Melissa Alexander - Executive Director

Brian Barber  

Laura Burke 

Marty Becker  

Nicole Dudei  

Robert Harris  

Merton Lueptow

Kathy Tank  

Sharon Waranka



Heart Of The Harbor Committee Members

Judy Cotter - Design Chair

Nate Scherper - Fundraising/Marketing Chair

Laura Burke

Kelly Brown

Sara Dahmen  

Cathy Hanson  

Robert Harris  

Jeff Lamont

Taylor Last

Tracy Milkowski  

Charles Nitzke

Rory Palubiski  

Karen Rhyan

Adele Richert

Douglas Schaefer  

Nicole Shaver

Scott Subach 

Don Voigt

MaryAnn Voigt

Amanda Williams


222 E Main Street

Port Washington, WI 53074

(262) 370-7484


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